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What They Don’t Tell You In The Pole Barn Quote (But We Do)

All too often, pole barn builders give you the minimum information in your quote. Many don’t mention the important features that will directly affect the structural stability and integrity of your new barn. Here are a few things to consider when comparing pole barn quotes and in speaking with builders:

Lumber Grade

The grade of the lumber used in your pole barn is critical to it’s future stability. While we use #2 grade lumber and better on the entire building, there are many builders that use #3 grade lumber which has bigger knots and can break more easily. Unfortunately, this is usually not specified in quotes, so you’ll have to ask.

Lumber Grade Stamps

There are a couple reasons we use #2 grade lumber or better. The first is safety for our crews. Imagine a 200 pound man 20 feet in the air on framed roof with his feet supported only by 2 x 4 purlins. We definitely want the stronger wood under their feet. The second and just as important reason is the structural integrity, strength and durability of the barn. You are less likely to have future issues when #2 grade lumber is used.

Post Size

Posts are the primary structural supports that keep your building off the ground and arguably, the most important framing member. There are many builders who use 5″ x 5″ posts as a standard. It may not be mentioned in your quote, you’ll have to ask. Our standard post size is the more beefy 6″ x 6″. It’s definitely worth a few bucks more to have the peace of mind, for both you and us.

Girt Size

Girts are the horizontal framing members that are placed on the outside of the building, between the posts and the metal panels. Girts stabilize the posts and your entire building. Some builders use 2″ x 4″ girts and again, you’ll have to ask. This is another item that’s usually not specified in a standard quote. We use the bigger 2″ x 6″ girts as a standard.

Metal Panels

The metal panels covering the walls and roof of your new pole barn contribute significantly to the structural integrity of the barn. Metal panels for pole barns are offered in different styles and also in two thicknesses. 29 gauge and 26 gauge. The thinner 29 gauge is less expensive, but also has less overall structural integrity. The style of panel also contributes directly to the structural integrity of your barn. For instance, our standard panel is the Quadra-Loc Plus which features and additional rib for added strength.

These are just a few things that are many times, not addressed in a quote. Be sure to ask. A good builder has nothing to hide and will be more than willing to discuss these items with you.

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