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We Build Homes

Durabarn builds homes. We build pole barn homes, shouses, barndominiums as well as traditional “stick” framed homes. We are a full custom builder which means you can have whatever you want. No limits.

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Framing Styles That Meet Every Need

We offer both post frame and traditional stick-frame for your new home.  Both styles offer their own unique features and benefits.  We’re happy to discuss these with you.

Durabarn Post Frame


Post frame homes come with all the same options as traditionally framed homes, including concrete foundations.  We’re custom builders…we can make it happen.

Durabarn Traditional Framed Home


You can have the “Barndo” look, yet keep all of the traditional framing of a stick-built home.  Full foundation (short wall or basement), 2×6 Stud Walls, Plywood/OSB Sheeting…just like any other home.

One Contractor, Less Hassles

We specialize in building dried-in home shells.  You get the complete exterior package finished with only the inside to finish as you like.  This is a great way to save tens of thousands of dollars building your new home.

Building Plans

The first step in the execution of an excellent home build is planning.  Durabarn provides custom building plans for your home that includes elevation drawings, floor plans, electrical plans, details and much more.

Durabarn Excavation

Land Clearing & Excavation

Durabarn can clear your home site, excavate for your foundation and build your driveway.  It’s great to work with a one-stop-shop and much easier to work with one person than multiple contractors.

Durabarn Home Shell

Home Shells

Durabarn can provide a home “shell” that includes excavation, concrete, framing, siding, roofing, walk doors, windows and overhead doors.  Completely dried in and ready for you to do the interior finish.


Superior Planning & Design Gets Superior Results

Durabarn builds custom homes, barndominiums, shouses and traditionally (stick) framed homes as well.  We specialize in providing a higher level of friendly service.  We are not your average contractor.

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