Troy, MO

Truss Spacing

Durabarn Truss Set


 Many pole barns are built with trusses 8′ on center.  Posts are typically 8′ on center as well.  This allows us to place the trusses directly on top of the posts, transferring the roof and snow loads directly to the ground.  However, we also construct buildings with trusses 4′ or 2′ on center.  The choice is dependent on use and truss loads.

If a ceiling will be installed in a pole barn down the road, it’s sure easier to install trusses 4′ on center now so there is something to attach the ceiling to every 4′ rather than having to frame in between 8′ trusses first.  Most homes or buildings with finished space have trusses 2′ on center to carry the loads.

Photo of a truss sytem in a Barndominium, built by Durabarn.

Ceilings & Truss Loads

Installation of ceilings such as metal panels or drywall and insulation add considerable weight to your roof structure.  Since we never know if or when ceilings will be installed down the road, we assume your building will have a finished ceiling at some point.  This means all of our truss calculations include a ceiling load, necessary to support the additional weight.  

Pole barn trusses, built by durabarn.