Troy, MO

Our Barndominium Home Process & What To Expect

Durbarn Barndominium Home

Are We A Good Fit?

Before we jump into details on your new barndominium project, we want to make sure we’re a good fit for your project as well as for you and you’re family. We respect your time by discussing the potential “deal killers” up front. The last thing you want to do is spend hours or days with a builder to find out that timing doesn’t work or the budget doesn’t fit. Here’s a few of the important topics we’ll talk about during our initial conversation….

  1. Your Build Location. We serve Clients within 1 hour (Google Maps Travel Time) of Hawk Point, MO. You can also take a look at our Service Area Map which is close, but may not be perfect.
  2. Your Time Frame. Your desired time frame is important to us. We’ll do our best to provide you with an estimated build time frame for your new home while considering your goal and our new builds in the queue.
  3. Your Budget & Ballpark Pricing. Our Barndominiums are custom homes. Since there’s nothing off the shelf or “pre-priced”, we’ll need to know how much you’d like to spend. We will also provide you with ballpark pricing once we have an idea of size and features you’d like in your new home.

Once we’ve both determined that we’re a good fit we can move forward to the planning process.

Construction Planning

The key to a great home is great planning. We help you through this process to make sure the build is easy on you. Here are the primary steps in our planning process…

  1. Site Visit. We want to put our eyeballs on your land. This is our opportunity to learn about your master plan for your new homestead and maybe offer our expertise to improve on the concept.
  2. Planning Meeting. We’ll sit down with you and go over every detail of your new home. Our goal is to make sure it turns out perfect, just the way you want it. We’ll talk about all of your needs and wants including size, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, doors, porches, architectural features, floor plan, garage doors, driveways, electric, well, septic and so much more.
  3. Construction Plans. Once we’ve gathered all your needs and wants for your new Barndominium, we’ll draw a preliminary set of construction plans. We’ll work together in reviewing and editing these plans to make sure they are perfect for you. Once the review phases are complete, we’ll have a solid set of construction plans to work from.
  4. Pricing. Once we have a set of completed construction plans, we price your project down to the penny. No more ballparks or educated guesses.

The Build

Now that we have a great set of construction plans, we can move forward with building your new barndominium. The building process is similar for each new home and looks like this…

  1. Site Work & Preparation. This first stage is where we complete items necessary for the build such as land clearing, driveway access, homesite grading, underground electric, well, septic and other items as needed.
  2. Foundation & Flatwork. Now we’re ready to really get started. This stage includes excavating for your home foundation, soils engineering to ensure the soils types can properly support the weight load and your concrete foundation. Once the foundation is poured and set, any interior backfill is completed along with rough in plumbing and your concrete floor.
  3. Framing & Exterior Finish. Now the fun part! Framing of all exterior and interior walls is completed, followed by roof trusses and porches. Then on to the roofing, windows, doors and siding.

At this point, we have a fully completed and water tight building shell ready for interior finish. Many of our Client’s choose to coordinate the interior finish. Others prefer a full turn-key move in ready home. Just let us know what’s best for you!