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Durbarn Barndominium Home

Our Barndominium Home Process & What To Expect

Are We A Good Fit? Before we jump into details on your new barndominium project, we want to make sure we’re a good fit for your project as well as for you and you’re family. We respect your time by discussing the potential “deal killers” up front. The last thing you want to do is…
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Pole Barn Construction Plans

DIY Construction Plans – How Detailed Are They?

Our Do It Yourself Construction Plans are top notch, showing you the details you need to construct your building. Our full (30+ page) pole barn construction plan sets are only provided to Clients that purchase building packages. We’ll post a few screenshots here, but contact us for a full set. “Pro Tips” are included throughout…
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Durabarn Home Shell

Barndominiums: Cheaper Than A Traditional Home?

The short answer is that Barndominium homes can sure be cheaper than their vinyl sided shingle roofed rivals. They can also be more expensive. The difference is directly related to who is building it, design choices, architecture, square footage and building features. In this article, we’ll talk about a few considerations in the cost savings…
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Choosing A Foundation Type For Your Building

The foundation of your building is arguably the most important. Choosing the right foundation for your building depends on many factors…the use of the building, soil composition, future value and more. There are four main types of foundations that we work with. Each are described below. Post In Ground “Post In Ground” (PIG) foundations are…
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Building Kits and Wood Quality – Why It Matters

We’ve all been to the lumber yard picking out 2×4’s. How many do you have to go through to find a straight useable board? Too many! That’s because most lumber yards and home centers carry a lower quality of #2 lumber. Quality builders realize the value of quality lumber, that’s why we supply only Premium…
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Durabarn Rat Guard

Rat Guard – Preventing Mice In Your Pole Barn Building

Rat Guard is painted metal trim that’s installed along the bottom edge of an exterior wall. Rat Guard, sometimes called rodent rail or rat rail, is used to prevent mice and rodents from crawling up inside the major rib of a metal wall panel and getting inside your building. Rat guard is also decorative and…
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What They Don’t Tell You In The Pole Barn Quote (But We Do)

All too often, pole barn builders give you the minimum information in your quote. Many don’t mention the important features that will directly affect the structural stability and integrity of your new barn. Here are a few things to consider when comparing pole barn quotes and in speaking with builders: Lumber Grade The grade of…
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Why You Should Insulate Your New Pole Barn Roof

Often times, the weather and temperature outside your new pole barn is different from the weather and temperature inside. Hot days, cool nights are a great example. A closed post frame building will heat up during the day. Then as the sun sets and the weather begins to cool, the inside temperature can’t catch up…
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